• Outpatient dialysis center in Shymkent

    Center for Nephrology and Efferent Therapy in Shymkent opened on November 10, 2016.

    The center is located in “Nursat” new microdistrict of city, in a stand alonetwo-storied building. Medical care is provided to patients with terminal stage of chronic kidney disease. In-patient department of nephrology with operating unit will be located on the second floor of the building, which will allow to carry out integrated treatment of nephrologic diseases, which includes the following stages: diagnosis, prevention, pre-dialysis, dialysis procedures, transplantation and rehabilitation.

    The dialysis center is equipped with a water treatment system and 15 “artificial kidney” units of the latest generationproduced by the German company,“B. Braun Avitum AG”, one of the world’s leaders in hemodialysis equipment industry. The total number of patients treated under three-shifts workingregimeof the center is approximately, 50 people.

    In total, the center is designed to treat 96 patients, but if necessary, the resources of the center allow to increase the number of dialysis numbers to 6, and total number of patients to 36.

    The dialysis center is staffedwith highly qualified nephrologist doctors and dialysis nurses.

  • B.B.NURA Medical experts in Shymkent

    Bolsynov Ydyrys Tuzelbayuly

    Regional Director

    Sarybaeva Nurgul Aburamanovna

    Head of Center

    Saktaganova Altynay


    Zhansaya Dosym

    Head Nurse

  • In the south of Kazakhstan,  Shymkent, thethird largest city in the country  issituated. It is one of the largest industrial and trade centers of the Republic.

    Until 1992, thecity was called in Russian – Chimkent. The consonant name of Shymkent reveals his etymology,  the “Green City”. Turkic “Chim” or “Shym” is translated as “turf”, “meadow”, and kent – “city”.

    In the twentieth century, Shymkent was formed as  industrial center of Southern Kazakhstan, and in second half of century, rapid economic growth began here. To date, the city has about 70 plants, factories and other manufacturing enterprises.

    The culture of Shymkent is growing as well as other spheres of life. 19 national cultural centers often organize public entertainmentin  city’s parks. In the city, there are philharmonic, art gallery, museum of local lore, libraries, various theaters, in addition, a circus opened in 2011.

    The tourist value of Shymkent is quite significant: it is a large city with developed infrastructure, a hub connecting Tashkent, Bishkek and northern region of Kazakhstan. In addition, ecological and mountain tourismis developed here, and there are good places for hunting and fishing. In addition, the city and its environs are not devoid of various historical and architectural sights. All this, together with a mild climate, makes Shymkent an attractive destination for any tourist route in Central Asia.


  • Contacts of outpatient dialysis center in Shymkent

    Shymkent city, Nursat microdistrict, 741
    +7 (777) 55 77 000