• Nephrology and efferent therapy center in Semey

    The Center of Nephrology and Efferent Therapy in Semey was opened in 2014. This center performs hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration procedures on the most modern medical equipment manufactured by B.Braun Avitum AG (GERMANY), as well as automated functional chairs and a modern water treatment system.
    The Center of Nephrology and efferent therapy in Semey employs qualified specialists, doctors with the highest category, who have international certificates in the field of nephrology. The secondary medical staff also has the highest categories in nursing.

    At the origins of the foundation of the center was the chief nephrologist of East Kazakhstan Region, now the regional director of the company Azimbayeva Indira Muslimkhanovna.

    Patients are transported to and from the procedures by the Center’s motor transport. Our staff strives and creates comfortable conditions for hemodialysis procedures, attentively treats each patient. At the time of the opening of the center, five patients were receiving hemodialysis procedures in our center, today there are already about seventy patients with terminal chronic renal failure.

    The center is equipped with modern equipment. Devices “Artificial mail” Dialog+ with the function of measuring blood pressure and automatic counting of Kt/V. The area of the center is 603.7 m. The center has three dialysis rooms, a separate hepatitis room – for patients with hepatitis B and C.

    Since the opening of the center, six patients have transplanted a donor kidney.

    Center for Efferent Therapy and Hemocorrection in Semey

    B.B.NURA LLP – Efferent Therapy and Hemocorrection Center in Semey was opened on March 15, 2021.
    The center is located on the ground floor of the GKP on the PCV “Semey City Emergency Hospital”, 140A Michurina Street.
    The center of B.B.NURA LLP – The Center of Efferent Therapy and Hemocorrection works around the clock to provide emergency care to patients in need of renal replacement therapy.
    The center is equipped with modern medical equipment from the world’s leading manufacturer. Every year the number of patients in need of renal replacement therapy increases significantly. The center allows to partially satisfy the need for the provision of a high-quality procedure of renal replacement therapy. The capacity of the center is 7 beds.

    Outpatient dialysis center in ayagoz

    The outpatient hemodialysis center was opened in ayagoz on September 12, 2019. The center is a leading global manufacturer of hemodialysis equipment and consumables B.Equipped with modern artificial kidney machines from the Braun company. This makes it possible to provide high-quality, high-quality and qualified care to patients with terminal renal failure. The center has 2 dialysis rooms.

    There are 3 dialysis halls in the center. At the time of the opening of the center, 3 patients received chronic programmatic hemodialysis, and at the moment 8 patients receive it. The opening of the hemodialysis center for the residents of ayagoz was a big event, because people had to go to Semipalatinsk. The opening of the center in ayagoz allowed patients to receive hemodialysis procedures without leaving the city.

    Patients are provided with food and transportation services. For the comfort of patients, TVs were installed in the center and wireless internet was provided.

    The work of the center is carried out in 2 shifts, 6 days a week.

  • Medical experts of LLP “BB NURA” in Semey

    Azimbayeva Indira

    regional director

    Aitimov Dastan

    head of Clinic

    Toleukhanova Aidana


    Baizhigitova Aliya

    head nurse

  • About city

    Semey (until 2007 – Semipalatinsk) – a city of regional significance in Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan region, located on both banks of the Irtysh River. Semey city subordinates without his rural district covers an area of ​​210 km².

    Semey (Semipalatinsk), is one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. The city is situated on both banks of the Irtysh, which are connected by several bridges. Beautiful modern avenues and charming narrow streets, high-rise buildings, small houses, cultural and architectural monuments, comfortable houses in suburban towns, beautiful fountains, cozy, full of green squares and parks, music parties on the embankment of the Irtysh and various night cafes, the chime of church bells and muezzins singing in the morning – a portrait of a modern Semey.

  • Contacts of outpatient dialysis center in Semey

    Semey city, Pervomayskaya st. 16B
    8(7222)30-40-95, 8(7222)30-41-09, 8(705)7550134

    Ayagoz, Rakhimov str. 1/1
    +7 (705) 755 01 34, +7 (775) 403 33 22



    140 "A" Michurina str.
    +7 (7222) 77‒73‒38