• Center for Efferent Therapy and Programmed Hemodialysis Astana
    (on Koshkarbayev Street)

    The Center of Efferent Therapy and Program hemodialysis of B.B.NURA LLP in Astana was founded in April 2015. This center is one of the only centers in Kazakhstan providing inpatient care for hemodialysis patients. The hemodialysis service as an independent department on the basis of the GKP on the PCV “City Hospital No. 1” has been functioning since 1988. The hemodialysis Center operates around the clock to provide emergency care to patients in need of renal replacement therapy. Initially, the strategy of B.B.NURA LLP was to provide patients with the best service, including the quality of dialysis procedures, completeness and complexity of the approach in the treatment of patients with CRF. That is why B.B.NURA LLP has chosen the well-known world leader B.Braun Avitum as its strategic partner in the field of dialysis machines and consumables. The focus on quality and service allowed the company to receive a state order for the provision of hemodialysis services already in 2012. At the time of the opening of the hemodialysis center, sixty outpatient and eight beds for inpatient patients were received in our center, today sixty-nine patients with terminal chronic renal failure are receiving.

    The center is equipped with modern tracking equipment for continuous monitoring of the condition of patients, equipment for determining the electrolyte composition, acid-base state of blood. The department has artificial kidney machines, a new generation of the German company Braun “Dialog+”, the options of this equipment allow for hemodialysis sessions in various modes. The area of the center is 910 sq. m. The center has five dialysis rooms, one of which is for patients with hepatitis B, C, and a hall for patients with infectious pathology.

    Extracorporeal Hemocorrection Center in Astana
    (at 7 Hussein bin Talal Street)

    The Extracorporeal Hemocorrection Center of B.B.NURA LLP was opened on November 7, 2013.
    The center is located on the ground floor of the block “D” of the GKP on the PCV “Center for Narcology and Psychotherapy”, on Husein bin Talal Street 7 (aka 31 street, house 7), which has a separate entrance and access roads for providing medical care to outpatient patients.
    The Center for Extracorporeal Hemocorrection (CEG) of the Representative Office of B.B.NURA LLP serves patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency who need renal replacement therapy.
    The CEG is equipped with modern medical equipment from a leading global manufacturer. Every year the number of patients in need of renal replacement therapy increases significantly. The outpatient dialysis center allows at least partially satisfying the need for a high-quality procedure of renal replacement therapy.
    The center is deployed for 14 dialysis places. The structure of the center includes 4 dialysis rooms: 1 hall for patients infected with viral hepatitis.
    The work of the center is carried out in three shifts, 6 days a week.

    To improve the quality of hemodialysis procedures, the following standards are observed and the following activities are carried out:
    • The center is equipped with modern equipment “artificial kidney” of the latest generation “Dialog +” and “Dialog+ adimea”, a modern installation for water purification;
    • Separation of dialysis rooms for patients infected with viral hepatitis;
    • The use of only disposable consumables for renal replacement therapy procedures;
    • For hemodialysis procedures, disposable blood-conducting lines and dialyzers LOPS, HIPS of the company “B/Braun” with a membrane area from 1.5 m2 to 2.3 m2 are used.
    • Monthly monitoring of laboratory blood parameters of patients according to the nephrostandards of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Olymp CDL;
    • Quality control of water and dialysate comply with European standards;
    • Automated quality control system for Adimea treatment on artificial kidney devices (Kt/v);
    • For the preparation of ultrapure dialysis solution, dialysate filters “Diacap Ultra” are used.
    • Equipping artificial kidney devices with an automatic blood pressure measurement system during hemodialysis procedures;
    • Treatment of complications with EPO, iron preparations, correction of disorders of mineral and bone metabolism is carried out within the framework of the GOBMP with medicines for privileged categories of citizens
    • During the procedure, patients receive hot 2 meals a day.
    • All patients are taken from home for hemodialysis and after the procedure is completed, they are taken home by official vehicles available at the Center.
    Types of services provided:
    • Programmatic chronic outpatient hemodialysis;
    • On-line hemodiafiltration in patients with chronic kidney damage;
    • Conducting hemodialysis procedures in an outpatient hospital, in patients with acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease;
    • Carrying out extended procedures of renal replacement therapy on devices “Diapact” of the company “BBraun” (Germany) (SCUF – Slow continuous ultrafiltration, CVVH – Continuous veno-venous hemofiltration, CVVHD/CVVHFD – Continuous veno-venous hemodialysis/continuous veno-venous high-flux dialysis, HF – Hemofiltration, HD/HFD – Hemodialysis/high-flux dialysis, PEX Plasma exchange, PAP Plasma adsorption/perfusion).
    • Outpatient management of dialysis patients;
    • Outpatient appointment of a neurologist.

    Dialysis Center of Astana
    (on Kenesary street 8)

    The Dialysis Center in Astana” was founded on January 03, 2019 and is included in the register of medical institutions providing services within the guaranteed volume of free medical care.
    The center is equipped with modern artificial kidney devices, the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and supplies for hemodialysis – B.Braun, which allows us to provide high-quality, highly qualified care to patients with terminal renal insufficiency. The center has 4 (four) dialysis rooms, a separate room is provided for patients with hepatitis B and C.
    The uniqueness of the center is that it is a new modern medical facility built using the latest technologies, equipped with modern equipment that meets the criteria of international standards of nephrological care, conveniently located with patient-friendly entrances along Kenesary Street 8.

    • 1. Advanced B.Braun “Dialog+” equipment (manufactured in Germany) – equipped with a unique option for determining the adequacy of the procedure, automatic Kt/V counting, as well as with the function of measuring blood pressure;
    • 2. Fully autonomous structure with the ability to provide water treatment in case of interruptions in the urban water supply system;
    • 3. Determination of the dry weight of patients;
    • 4. Extended range of laboratory tests;
    • 5. Free consultations with leading nephrologists;
    • 6. Dynamic supervision of a nephrologist, control of the hemodialysis procedure by a dialysis room doctor;
    • 7. We carry out free delivery of the patient to the hemodialysis procedure and back in a comfortable minibus;
    • 8. Free meals for our patients;
    • 9. Outpatient appointment of a nephrologist, observation of patients at the stage of preparation for renal replacement therapy;
    • 10. Individual kit for procedures disposable consumables and medical devices;
    • 11. Comfortable six-position chairs with adjustable backs;
    • 12. Floor scales for wheelchair users.
  • B. B. Medical specialists of NURA “Center for efferent therapy and programmatic hemodialysis of Astana”

    Baykelova Merim Rayynbekovna

    Head of the outpatient department

    Kusain Gulnaz Ainazarovna

    Coordinator of the nursing service

    Kalelova Aliya Kairatovna

    Operations manager

    B. B. NURA inpatient department medical specialists of Astana Center for efferent therapy and programmatic hemodialysis LLP

    Bakhtybayev Eldos Slanovich

    Head of the inpatient department

    Oskenbayeva Chinara Balabekovna

    Operations manager


    Borshosh Irina Stanislavovna

    Chief nurse

    B.B.Medical specialists of NURA “Center for in vitro hemocorrection in Astana” LLP

    Smailov Yerik Dyusenovich

    Deputy director of the center

    Umiralieva Aigerim Rakhimzhankyzy

    Head nurse

    Abulkhalykova Ainur Fazylovna

    Operations manager

  • About city

    Astana is the northern capital of Asia. Currently, the square of Astana is 722 square kilometers, the population exceeds – about 853 thousand people. The city consists of three districts: “Almaty”, “Saryarka” and “Yesil”.

    Astana is located in the middle of the desert of Kazakhstan, in the dry fescue-Seleucid steppe zone. The territory of the city is a low floodplain terrace. The Ishim river is the main water artery of the country. The climate of the capital is continental – cold and long winters, hot and moderately dry summers.

    Due to its location in the center of the Eurasian continent, Astana is a center of economic, transport, communication and logistics, a kind of Transit bridge between Europe and Asia.

    In the development of the main architectural concept of Astana, the idea of Nursultan Nazarbayev was taken for the formation of a special Eurasian style, harmoniously combining the cultural traditions of the East and west. The author of the Capital Master Plan is the famous Japanese architect Kise Kurokawa.

    Today, Astana hosted forums, congresses and other events of international importance, which became the center of the Eurasian space.

  • Contacts of extracorporeal hemocorrection center in Astana

    Astana, st. Hussein bеn Talal, building 7, block D
    8(7172)69-57-93, 8 700 214 33 08, 8 771 046 00 72

    Astana city, Koshkarbayev st. 66
    8 (7172) 50-63-09

    Astana, Kenesary str. 8, n.p.1
    8 (7172) 99-81-24, 8 (777) 079 50 35

    Baikonur district, Kenesary Street, house 61/1, VP 4