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  • Extracorporeal hemocorrection center in Astana

    Extracorporeal hemocorrection center LLP «BB NURA» was opened November 7, 2013.

    The center is located on the ground floor of Block C of JSC “National Scientific Center of Oncology and Transplantation”, which has a separate entrance and driveway to provide medical care to outpatients, equipped with a ramp.

    Center has 17 dialysis places. The structure consists of 2 dialysis room: a large common room for 10 hemodialysis places and a small hall on the 5 places for hemodialysis patients infected with viral hepatitis. The center also has a separate box for critically ill patients and an insulator for patients with a viral infection on hemodialysis 1 seat each, equipped with an oxygen console. center work is carried out in two shifts, 6 days a week.

    To improve the quality of hemodialysis procedures complied with the following standards and the following events are held:
    • The center has modern “artificial kidney” equipment of the last generation «Dialog +» and «Dialog + adimea», modern water purification plants;
    • Separated dialysis rooms for viral hepatitis infected patients;
    • Using only disposable consumables for renal replacement therapy treatments;
    • For hemodialysis procedures used disposable blood-conducting trunk and the dialyzers LOPS, HIPS company «B / Braun» with a membrane area of ​​1,5m2 to 2,3m2.
    • Monthly monitoring of laboratory parameters of patients according to blood nephro-standarts MOH in CDL “Olympus”;
    • Water quality monitoring and dialysate line with European standards;
    • Automated quality control system treatment Adimea on artificial kidney machines (Kt / v);
    • For preparation of ultra-pure dialysis solution used a «Diacap Ultra» dialysate filters.
    • Equipment of artificial kidney apparatus system of automatic measurement of blood pressure during hemodialysis procedures;
    • Treatment of drug complications EPO, iron, correction of mineral and bone metabolism is carried out within SBP medicines for privileged categories of citizens.
    • During the procedure, patients receive two hot meals a day.
    • All patients are delivered on dialysis from house and are taken to home after the procedure by official vehicles, that are available at the centre.
    Types of services:
    • Software chronic ambulatory hemodialysis;
    • On-line hemodiafiltration mode for patients with chronic kidney damage;
    • Hemodialysis treatments in a hospital, in patients with acute injury or chronic kidney disease;
    • Conducting prolonged procedures for renal replacement therapy apparatuses «Diapact» company «BBraun» (Germany) (SCUF – Slow continuous ultrafiltration, CVVH – continuous veno-venous hemofiltration, CVVHD / CVVHFD – continuous veno-venous hemodialysis / continuous veno-venous Hi-Flux dialysis, HF – hemofiltration, HD / HFD – Hemodialysis / hi-Flux dialysis, PEX – plasma exchange, PAP – plasma adsorption / perfusion).
    • Outpatient management of dialysis patients;
    • Outpatient physician nephrologist
    • CEG staff provide services for renal replacement therapy treatments at OPN on-site to the patient when it is non-transportable, within the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Medical specialists of B. B. NURA LLP ” center of extracorporeal hemocorrection Astana”

    Smailov Erik

    Head of the center

    Umiraliyeva Aigerim

    Head nurse

    Abulkhalykova Ainur

    Operational manager

  • About city

    Astana – the northern capital city in Asia. Currently Astana’s area exceeds 722 square kilometers, population – about 853 thousand people.. The city consists of three main districts – “Almaty”, “Saryarka” and “Ishim”.

    Astana is located in the center of Kazakhstan in the area of ​​the desert, the subzone of dry fescue-feather grass steppes. Territory of the city is a low floodplain terraces. Yesil River is the main water artery of the capital. The climate is continental – cold and long winters, hot and moderately dry summers.

    Great location in the center of the Eurasian continent makes Astana economical transport, communication and logistics center, a kind of a transit bridge between Europe and Asia.

    In the development of the architectural concept was taken Nurzultan Nazarbayev’s idea, as the basis of formation the capital in a special Eurasian style, harmoniously combining the cultural traditions of the East and West. The author of the capital master plan is  well-known Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

    Today Astana has become the center of the Eurasian space, taking a variety of forums, congresses and other events of international significance.


  • Contacts of extracorporeal hemocorrection center in Astana

    Astana city, 31, 7
    8(7172)69-57-93, 8 700 214 33 08, 8 771 046 00 72

    Astana city, Koshkarbayev st. 66
    8 (7172) 50-63-09