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Reviews of LLP «B.B.NURA» centers

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I want to express my deep gratitude to the staff of “B.B.NURA” LLP, for their patience and great work !!! I love and respect you!!!

Жумадиров Руслан Куандыкович
11.01.2017 г.

We heartily congratulate the staff of LLP “B.B.NURA” with Happy New Year! I wish you happiness in the family, success in yourwork! Througout 8 years I have been in 6 dialysis centers: Karaganda, Temirtau, Balkhash, Krasnodar,and now in B.B.NURA. You are best!!! Good luck and good health! Witр respect Sigayev S.T.

27.12.2016 г.

How to register for your dialysis.

14.12.2016 г.

I want to thank the staff of the center for their hard work, care and understanding. For the well-coordinated work, compassion and mercy!

Дегтярева Любовь Александровна
18.10.2016 г.

I am Tengesheva Aiymgul Rahmetulovna, treated in LLP “B.B.NURA” for three years. I am very grateful to all the doctors and nurses for their attention and care. I want to thank all medical staff, thank you for the car, and a special thanks to the driver Ulugbek. Thank you all for your attention and understanding. To all of you I wish health and happiness!

Тенгешева Айымгуль Рахметуловна
03.10.2016 г.

Good afternoon!
After studying the material on your site, I want to ask a question.
How  or where can i go to consider the issue of opening a hemodialysis center in Karaganda, st.Zhana-arka region .In our region, there is a hospital, but there is no separation of hemodialysis, and patients are forced to move or to rent an apartment and live away from home. Is it possible to help me, and what i need to do. I ask you to consider my request. This is a cry from the heart. I have a brother on hemodialysis since 2009 and he is forced to live with me in Astana.
Yours faithfully,
Akhmetzhan Zhanar

Ахметжан Жанар
27.09.2016 г.

Many thanks to the doctors, nurses and aides for their care, attention, understanding, and patience with us! May God grant you all with good health !!!

Жексенова Наталья Васильевна
12.09.2016 г.

I am Virchenko Vladimir, would like to thank all the medical staff of “BB NURA” center in Pavlodar, for a conscientious attitude to the sick, care for everyone, for all good things. May God grant you health, happiness and long life !!!!

Вирченко Владимир Григорьевич
09.09.2016 г.

I am pleased with your center. I want to thank all of stuff in this center.

Жахан Маржан Аманжолкызы
26.08.2016 г.

For 2 years of receiving home dialysis of the LLP “B.B.NURA” i have no complaints on the service. I express my deep gratitude to all the staff of the center.

17.08.2016 г.

I am Tashmuhametov Arlen,a patient of dialysis center in Semey, before i went for 2 years on dialysis to another dialysis center. And I didn’t not know that treating machines were all good, just the patient should be instructed in the program individually, as in “B.B.NURA” LLP. In my opinion, I believe that the quality of the dialisys cleaning takes place at the highest level. Here I am happy with everything, with the service and food. Thank you for such a great center!

Ташмухаметов Арлен Советович
02.08.2016 г.

I am Ragulin V.F., the patient of B.B.NURA hemodialysis department, i came here after CABG surgery.  I could not ride public transportation, so I was very happy with delivery system of the dialysis and back home. Over a two years period, I am pleased to note the high professional level of all the staff departments: physicians, mid-level medical personnel and service workers. Undoubtedly, the main merit in the selection of cadres, in the creation of high moral and psychological climate in the department belongs to the head department Baizakova M.O. Taking care of our constantly improved: food was better , daily head doctors briefings , nurses and support staff can resolve any even minor conflicts emanating from us – the sick and capricious patients. I can not fail to note the stability of the personnel department. Nurses own  “automatically” a high level skills. Doctors in time adjust treatment if the patient’s condition changes. With daily bypass doctors, besides their professional duties, always find the good words, words of encouragement to each patient. Power, in my opinion, excellent and varied! The indoor area is always clean and tidy. I am pleased to say, “Thank you so much!”! Ragulin VF – Until retirement – a member of the Union of USSR Architects, Kazakhstan, the Excellent Education of Kazakhstan, honored worker of the Agrarian University in Astana.

Рагулин Владимир Федорович
12.07.2016 г.

I would like to thank all the staff of the hemodialysis center and personalize for each employee for attentive and good work!

Цой Вилорий Михайлович
29.06.2016 г.

Thanks all B.B.NURA’s medical staff for your attention to patients, for understanding, for their professionalism, friendliness. We all thank you for this !!!

20.06.2016 г.

I am Kovalenko Marina Alexandrovna, I want to express my deep gratitude to all the staff of LLP “B.B.NURA”  center in Pavlodar, for high-quality medical care, sensitivity to us. Creating an atmosphere of “sense like at home” – your merit! Thank you alll!

Коваленко Марина
15.06.2016 г.

I would like to thank the medical personnel of LLP “B.B.NURA” in Semey for the care and warm attitude towards patients. I wish them health and prosperity.

Абдрахманов Александр
11.06.2016 г.

I am a patient of the LLP «B.B.NURA» outpatient dialysis center in Semey, i am very grateful to all the medical staff for their warm attitude and to all doctors especially for their attention and proper treatment. I wish more doctors and nurses like in your center. All the best.

Мурзакаримова Асель
01.06.2016 г.

I am Olga Dmitrieva, being treated at the LLP “B.B.NURA” dialysis center in  Astana during this year. On the eve of a medical worker day i would like to congratulate all the staff of the center. Wish all earthly and worldly goods, as well as a great good health. I would like to thank treating doctor Vasilchenko Valentina Andreyevna, for her conscientious attitude towards us and her patients. God bless her. We love and respect her.

26.05.2016 г.

I am ,Toleubekova Gauhar Amangeldinovna, a patient of dialysis center. I express my deep gratitude to all the staff of B/B NURA Dialysis Center . Thank you for your sensitivity, kindness, for your attitude. I wish the team all the best and prosperity.

23.05.2016 г.

I am, Baideldinov Rustem, being treated in LLP “B.B.NURA” the hemodialysis center in  Astana from the autumn of 2015, I would like to thank all the staff and personally  my doctor Rybakov Marina Alexandrovna, high qualified specialist, big thanks for being careful and for their attention to our lives. Thank you for life!!! We will never not forget it!!!

Рустем Байдельдинов
20.05.2016 г.

I, Bayandin Murat Boesovich, want to thank the whole team of B.B.NURA hemodialysis center for hard work, for sensitivity and professionalism of the whole team, for the attention to every patient, with the cleanliness and order. I wish you all good health, well-being in all. Good mood and peace. Sincerely Bayandin M.

18.05.2016 г.

Thank you for your careful attention, kindness, patience, and your professionalism!

Неишпан Сергей
11.05.2016 г.

I am a patient of LLP «B.B.NURA»  Outpatient dialysis center  in Semey, for more than 2 years I am under the supervision of this clinic. The staff is friendly, all staff is very attentive. I would like to note the professionalism of all doctors, always respond to all patients’ questions. When I stopped functioning arteriovenous fistula, their rapid response helped me to form a new arteriovenous fistula, without departing from my program hemodialysis. All the necessary medicines are given at the time and in full. Thank you very much for this center.

Нургалиева Салтанат
02.05.2016 г.

I want to thank the entire medical staff for the attention and treatment, a low bow to you from our parents, children and grandchildren! Highly qualified staff, friendly and helpful. I wish success in your work. Thank you so much!

Бисенов Серик
25.04.2016 г.

I go on dialysis almost for 2 years. I started treating in a different dialysis center. Then i came to LLP B.B.NURA  and do not regret. I was pleasantly surprised that there are not only carried out or dialysis, but also try to maintain the health of patients, carrying out the necessary treatment for related diseases. I am satisfied with professional doctors for attention to us and our requests. Thanks to nurses’ patience to patients. The center itself is not annoying with the hospital walls. It is quite cozy and nice located throughout the procedure. There is no gross or neglect relation either from doctors or nurses. I wish all the staff good health, patience to us, happiness!

Костенко Алексей
19.04.2016 г.

I want to thank those who made the LLP B.B.NURA !!! And to express my deep appreciation to the staff of Semey. For their humanity, sensitivity, patience, and hard work !!! Special gratitude to the Regional Director, Indira Azimbaeva Muslimhanovna and head ot the center Staradubov  Andrei Yurevich !!! It all started when my Dad got to the regional hospital with pneumonia, at this time refused both kidneys .He spent in a hospital for two weeks and was released at the same time refused to do hemodialysis. Conclusion: Given the repeatedly transferred stroke, develop encephalopathy, inadequate behavior, disorientation, decreased self-criticism conducting hemodialysis program is not given possible. So discharged. We were all shocked by this statement . We decided to talk to the head of hemodialysis  Medeuovich. But after talking with him, we were not shocked and hysterical. He told us that  they will not help with hemodialysis, that they don’t know how to help, that it is all.We asked if he could help us with advice to other hemodialysis clinics. He said that he did not even know what can help in this situation. I cried so hard day and all night along  gasped from the pain and hopelessness. In the morning I sat at the computer and began to search eagerly clinics, clinic and suddenly found B.B.NURA. Dial a phone number, and from the first minute that good voice patiently listened to us, Andrey Yurevich invited us to the center to do all analyzes. My dad was taken on hemodialysis and it was the happiest day of my life .My dad will live! It is a happiness!

10.04.2016 г.

I am Ivanyuk Lyudmila Veniaminovna, I am being treated at the center of the LLP .B.NURA from May 2015 and until this day. The center is very nice, cozy and bright. Medical staff is very attentive, I am satisfied with the treatment that I get in the hemodialysis center. I am grateful to all the staff of the center for their noble work.

02.04.2016 г.

I want to thank the medical staff for the center carried out the treatment, for the attentive and sensitive handling of the whole team. I feel very good! Lovely people and wonderful equipment. Big thanks!

Абжанова Тлеухар
24.03.2016 г.

I thank all the doctors and nurses for the kind attitude to patients. The staff is very helpful and kind to us. I wish them health and prosperity.

Мамгожина Сауле
07.02.2016 г.

I heartily thank the entire staff of a hemodialysis center. Thanks for the help of a highly skilled medical personnel, and feels good at the same time, taken three times a week hemodialysis. Good luck in your hard work in the name of saving lives, of all earthly blessings!

Доника Уомса
28.01.2016 г.

Over the last few years, I visit the center hemodialysis BB NURA, and I want to say sincerely thank you to the entire staff of the center for the warm care and purity. Good luck in work!

Касайнов Серикжан
15.01.2016 г.

I express my sincere and deep gratitude to all the staff of «BB NURA» center in Semey for providing hemodialysis. This is literally the heart of all the staff trying to help business, a kind word. Starting from the center of the administrator, who welcomed warmly at the door to the center of nurses; their willingness and desire to help people, you get a powerful and positive health boost. Before coming to BB NURA center, I have been to many places, but it was getting worse and worse every year. And if I had not get to this center, I have never believed that I could get out of the stable state of ill health. Their careful and thoughtful, indifferent attitude to every patient made a miracle and I, despite my age, i continued working. High-level doctors always know what patient needs, sees through all the problems immediately allowing them correctly. Doctor’s decision in September was to move immediately to Pavlodar, in order to overlay arteriovenous fistula. I believed doctor suggested the best for me and no mistake, despite the severity of the disease. After being operated, at the beginning of October, I had already started to receive treatment in a dialysis center in Semey. I express my sincere admiration for their work; and the feelings in the clinic, where they lead, that you find yourself in a fairy tale: Gold standard of service, at the level of developed European countries. They give life- quality and desirable. I thank everyone, core values for them: respect for human rights, time-saving, precision procedures. From the first moment quickly and gently placed you in your place, standing together with doctors for monitoring the situation during the procedure. It feels like literally collected the best and valuable members of the staff. I have someone to compare.

Нанарова Риза
04.11.2015 г.

The conditions in this center is beyond praise, the staff is attentive and friendly. Everything is very well organized – service, food, treatment process. Many thanks.

Кабаев Ануар
01.10.2015 г.

All is left to chance, everything on time and accurately, did not regret that I get treated at this center. Best wishes, Baibekov Qaisar

Байбеков Кайсар
20.02.2015 г.

Thank you very much for your attention to all patients. A sense of caring about us. Your center is very comfortable and convenient. The staff of LLP «B.B.NURA» is always affable, friendly, like all medical institutions worked well. I wish there would be more centers like yours all over the Kazakhstan. It was very nice to be treated here. Even hard to identify someone, everything was at top level. Patient Semey Matybaev Muratkhan. 10.09.2004 Mr.

Матыбаев Муратхан
10.09.2014 г.

Within six months I have visited hemodialysis center «BB NURA», never regretted that have come to you. If there were doubts that were promises about benefits, it is temporary, in order to attract patients, however now i am confident, that everything will continue at this high level. I thank the Seytzhanova N Director for having this dialysis center in our city, cozy, comfortable, where everything is left to chance, picked up qualified personnel, best equipment purchased, also we get free medicine, ultrasound, delivery of dialysis and back to hot meals, twice a month conducted advanced blood test monitoring. Many thanks to Dr. Eugene Alexandrovich, nurses – Lena, Nazim, Nitasha, Naziya, Inna, driver Dmitryi, administrator Madina, orderly Nazeket for their kindness to us, their attitude improves the well-being and our quality of life. I wish all the staff good health, stability and prosperity. Best wishes Mosaic LA 09/16/2013. Ust-Kamenogorsk

Моисеева Л.А.
16.09.2013 г.

We, Lidiya Novikova and Abdildina Bakhyt, sincere, great, special thanks to all the staff of the center «BB NURA » for provided hemodialysis treatment. In this center, we are happy, full-fledged human beings. We were on the verge of despair, did not want to live, but now there is a hope for happy life, thanks to hemodialysis and the kind and helpful staff. This is literally the heart of all the staff trying to help business, a kind word. We were in some kind of fairy tale. There are all conditions for maintaining our health and mood. We feel here care from head doctor Bekishev Bolat Eginbaevich and doctor Vladimir Sergeyevich Zhuzanov,, all nurses and of course the driver Joan vehicle that carries us. We thank the entire staff of the outpatient dialysis center «BB NURA», as well as the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a lot of attention to us. Thank you very much to all of you! Good job.

Новикова Лидия
23.03.2013 г.