• Outpatient dialysis center in Kyzylorda

    Outpatient dialysis center in Kyzylorda was founded in 2013. This center is part of a network of dialysis centers «B.B.NURA» LLP. Initially, the company’s strategy was to give patients the best possible service, including the quality of dialysis treatments, completeness and comprehensiveness of the approach. That is why «B.B.NURA» LLP as its strategic partner in the field of dialysis machines and consumables chose BBraun Avitum known worldwide. Focusing on quality and service has allowed the company in 2014 to receive the state order for the provision of dialysis services.

    At the time of opening of hemodialysis center in our center received thirty-one patient who today receive forty-eight patients with terminal chronic renal failure. The center has modern equipment. There are 12 sets “Artificial Mail» Dialog +, 2 of them with a device measuring blood pressure function, Kt / V calculation. Center area is 226.0 m The center has three dialysis room, one of the bottom -. for patients with hepatitis B and C.

    Center of ambulatory dialysis in Aralsk

    The outpatient dialysis center in Aralsk was opened on February 13, 2017,it is located in Aral District Maternity Hospital, with area of ​​104.0 square meters, with a separate entrance group for outpatients.

    The center is equipped with modern equipment, there are 5 “Artificial Mail” Dialog + units, with  thefunction of measuring arterial blood pressure, and counting Kt / V.

    This medical center will work according to European quality standards for treatment of chronic nephratonia with introduction of hemodiafiltration procedure, which will reduce the risk of complications for the patients and increase dialysispatient’s life.



  • Medical experts of LLP “BB NURA” in Kyzylorda

    Azishev Erzhan

    Head of Clinic

    Novikova Olga

    Regional operations manager

    Yeleuova Gulzhan

    Head nurse

  • About city

    Kyzylorda is conveniently located on the right coast of the Syr Darya river. With a population of 210 thousand people, this is not quite a big town is home to many Kazakhs, Russian, Korean, and other representatives of the European nationality.

    The climate in this area, however, as in many other regions of Kazakhstan is sharply continental, we can say that it is very meager on rainfall, but the hot summer and a considerable number of sunny days in a year is very happy. Winter is quite cold, very often shrill wind, but snow is not high.

    Recently, the city came to a new stage of development, because they were reconstructed around a hundred streets of the regional center, the buildings have been restored, and there was landscaping areas.

    The current Kyzylorda city began to develop at the site of the Kokand village of Ak-Mosque (ie, “White Mosque”), which later, after Russian troops seized the territory in 1852, received the status of a military fortress.

  • Contacts of outpatient dialysis center in Kyzylorda

    Kyzylorda city, Abuova st. 29 A
    8(7242)26-31-35, 8-771-046-00-74