• Outpatient dialysis center in Karaganda

    Outpatient dialysis center in Karaganda was founded in 2011. This center is the first in the LLP «B.B.NURA» dialysis center network. Initially, the company’s strategy was to give patients the best possible service, including the quality of dialysis treatments, completeness and comprehensiveness of the approach. That is why LLP «BB NURA» chose  as its strategic partner in the field of dialysis machines and consumables renowned world leader B.Braun Avitum. Focusing on quality and service have enabled the company in 2012 to receive the state order for the provision of dialysis services.

    At the time of opening of hemodialysis center received five patients in our center, to date, get twenty-nine patients with terminal chronic renal failure. The center is equipped with modern equipment. There are 9 units “Artificial Mail» Dialog +, 4 of them with the device measuring blood pressure function, Kt / V calculation. the center of an area of ​​332.2 m In the center there are two dialysis rooms, one of the bottom -. for patients with hepatitis B and C.

    Outpatient Dialysis Center in Saran

    In June 2018, an outpatient Dialysis Center was opened in Saran, built under a public-private partnership (PPP) project. The Saransk Center also serves patients from nearby villages – Topar, Novodubovka and Aktas. The capacity of the center allows you to receive up to 10 patients daily. Before opening their own center, patients were forced to travel to Karaganda for the procedure.

    Patients are provided with hot meals and transportation to the procedure and home. For the comfort of patients, the center has TVs and wireless Internet.

    Outpatient Dialysis Center of Atasu

    The Atasu Center was opened in November 2018 on the basis of the Central Zhanaarka Hospital. The capacity of the center allows to receive up to 6 patients a day. Today, the center’s services are used by patients from Atasu and the village of Aktobe.

    Previously, patients were forced to travel to Karaganda to receive hemodialysis procedures, now such a need has disappeared. The center is equipped with modern Dialog+ devices, transportation to the procedure and back home is organized for patients, hot meals and wi-fi are provided.

  • Medical experts of LLP «B.B.NURA» in Karaganda

    Zhumadilova Ainash

    Operational manager

  • About city

    Karaganda – city in Kazakhstan, the center of the Karaganda region. It is the big industrial, scientific and cultural center of the region. The status of the city Karaganda was received in February 10, 1934. It is located in the central part of Kazakhstan. Geographical location: 49 ° 48 ‘s. w. 73 ° 07 ‘in. . D Territory Karaganda occupies an area of ​​550 km² and is located on the 4th place on the size of the territory after the Shymkent and “two capitals” of Kazakhstan: Astana and Alma-Ata. Administratively the town is divided into two areas: im. Kazybek Bies Oktyabrsky. Local authorities are the city administration and the city maslikhat. In the Karaganda region there are large enterprises in coal mining, machine building, metalworking and the food industry. There is a large number of transport enterprises, education, science, culture and communication in the city. Today Karaganda is one of the largest industrial, economic, scientific and cultural centers of Kazakhstan.

  • Contacts of outpatient dialysis center in Karaganda

    Karaganda city, Republic avenue 40, office 1
    8(7212)90-98-84, 8-778-475-51-56

    Saran, Zhambyl STR. 85a
    +7 (771) 046 00 82

    P.Atasu ,49 Seidimbek str .
    8 771 046 0082


    Karaganda, Nazarbayev st. 10a
    +7 (7212) 94‒04‒77, +7‒778‒003‒71‒47