• Nephrology and efferent therapy center in Pavlodar

    Representation «B.B.NURA» LLP – “Center of ambulatory hemodialysis in Pavlodar” was opened in January 3, 2013 on the basis of MSE on PVC “Emergency Hospital.” The center was equipped with ten (10) apparatus “artificial kidney” includes single or dual pumping apparatus (for GDP), functional seating and a modern water treatment system. Center outpatient hemodialysis in Pavlodar by a specialized, inpatient service for SBP based on the state order. At the beginning of 2013 chronic hemodialysis program received 17 patients, the number of patients increased to 36 patients in 2015.

    November 5, 2015. in Pavlodar with participation of mayor of the region Kanat Bozumbayev was the opening of ” Nephrology and efferent therapy center » LLP «B.B.NURA», at Pavlodar, st. Usolka -42 \ 6, which was built in the program of “public-private partnership.” The subject of activity is the provision of comprehensive nephrology care for patients with end-stage renal failure.

    New center is the first in the history of Kazakhstan’s healthcare system an example of the construction of a model of Nephrology diagnostic and treatment center focused on improving the efficiency of dialysis services

    The main purpose of the center is:
    • providing specialized inpatient care for patients with chronic renal failure;
    • reception and treatment of nephrology patients;
    • selection, training and management of patients after renal transplantation;
    • treatment and management of patients with acute renal failure in hospitals of regions.

    The uniqueness of the center is that it is a new modern medical facility built on the latest technologies, meet the criteria of international standards, is equipped with modern equipment of last modification made in Europe leading factories – manufacturers such as B.Braun, Drager. This center is fully autonomous body with the ability to provide water purification, medical service engineering. Twenty apparatus “artificial kidney” set in five dialysis rooms, one of the rooms for patients who are carriers of Hepatitis B and C.

    Accessories and consumables are supplied from Europe. It is possible to use three kinds of dialysate in a concentration-dependent blood electrolyte (potassium, sodium, calcium) in the blood and glucose, as well citrate hemodialysis. In our center, we believe every patient should have its own individual program of therapeutic activities picked up for him. High qualification of our doctors and nursing staff, their knowledge of the most modern methods of treatment, it allows us to carry out. Thanks to close cooperation with the LLP “Center for outpatient vascular surgery and phlebology aesthetic” and partnership PCG on PVC «City hospital №1» Astana, we guarantee high-quality performance of all types of vascular access operations (AB -fistula, a permanent catheter, double-lumen catheter).

    Organised additional services:

    Patients are provided with two meals a day


    Transportation to dialysis and back home

    Cable TV and Wi -Fi

    It is planned to inspect patients by medical specialists (consultants): cardiologist, endocrinologist, vascular surgeon, neurologist, etc. Today 46 patients receive specialized (chronic hemodialysis) inpatient care. The center is designed for 100 patients.

    Outpatient dialysis center in Aksu

    Starting from May 5, 2014 center operates ambulatory hemodialysis LLP «B.B. Nura “in Aksu based on PVC KGP” Aksu Central Hospital. ” Spacious, comfortable, corresponding to all norms San PiN room are four apparatus “artificial kidney” and one for GDF. A ward is organized for patients carriers of hepatitis virus B and C, with a separate “artificial kidney” and functional bed. At the beginning only 5 patients were receiving software chronic hemodialysis, nowadays the number increased up to 11 patients. For residents of Aksu opening hemodialysis center was a great event, because city did not have a hemodialysis center before. People had to drive to Pavlodar, in order to get treatment. The opening of center in Aksu allowed patients to receive dialysis treatments without moving out of Aksu.

    Center also receive hemodialysis patients with acute renal failure, which is a big help for Aksu central hospital.
    Center for outpatient dialysis in Aksu is a subdivision of “nephrology and efferent therapy center”, Pavlodar, so regular inspection and correction of the treatment of patients nephrologists and head of department.

  • Medical experts of LLP “BB NURA” in Pavlodar


    Kassenov Amangeldy

    Regional director


    Duymagambetov Zhasulan

    Head of Clinic

    Baysebenova Assel

    Regional operations manager

    Grishina Tatyana

    Head nurse

  • About city

    Pavlodar – the largest city in northern Kazakhstan. It is located on the right bank of the Irtysh River, at the intersection of its South-Siberian railway. Status of Pavlodar was received in April 4, 1861. The area of ​​Pavlodar  is 267 sq.km. Today the city is inhabited by ethnic groups such as the Russian, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Germans and others. The climate in the city is temperate continental. There are not uncommon long severe winters with thick snow and hot summers with little rainfall. Pavlodar is one of the largest industrial centers of Kazakhstan. There are 4800 companies from various industries: engineering, construction, energy, chemical industry, metallurgy; Work carried out in the factories on oil refining.

  • Contacts of nephrology and efferent therapy center in Pavlodar

    Pavlodar city, usolka st. 42 6
    8 (7182) 66 23 60, 8-701-549-74-65

    Aksu Kamzina str . 53
    +7 7183 75 06 48