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BBNURA Hospitals Group

BBNURA Hospitals Group providing a full range of nephrological services in Kazakhstan. In 2011, the first outpatient dialysis center was opened in the Karaganda city, and within 8 years, the number of centers in Kazakhstan was increased to 20.

All centers are equipped with hemodialysis equipment from B.Braun Avitum AG, Herco Wassertechnik water treatment systems, comfortable LIKAMED hemodialysis chairs, as well as TeDeCo central distribution system and media console. Certified engineers continuously service all equipment, and the company has a freelance consultant who is a technical expert at B.Braun Avitum AG.

Since 2017, the company has taken a course towards expanding the range of nephrological services. Over the course of two years, outpatient dialysis centers transforming into nephrocenters. The idea of a nephrocenter is to provide comprehensive care and support for patients with various kidney health conditions – from prevention too preparation and post-transplant follow-up, dialysis.

Our centers not only provide dialysis services, there is the possibility of inpatient treatment of patients with acute renal failure and the formation of vascular access, providing counseling to the population with preventive measures to reduce CKD. Opened education center to train competent specialists in the field of efferent therapy and advanced training of medical personnel.