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Therapeutic chair Comfort

Therapeutic chair Comfort is manufactured by DIGITERM Kft., Hungary. It is designed to improve the working conditions of health personnel in hospitals and other medical facilities and provide the most convenience for patients.

The chair can be supplied with a bedside table.

Advantages compared with hospital beds
  • Patients can self-adjust the seat configuration at their request and in accordance with the therapy.
  • Changing the configuration of the chair activates blood mobility, which in turn will prevent its stagnation in the muscles.
  • In the sitting position the patient has the opportunity to review the best of his environment, medical personnel and medical equipment that creates not only the greatest comfort during the procedure, but also a sense of security.
  • The design of the chair has been established in accordance with the latest achievements in the fields of ergonomics and orthopedics. Armchair fully accepts and repeats the shape of the patient’s body in any of its provisions.
  • Thus the patient can always be in the most comfortable position for the duration of the procedure.
  • Through the above, the patient is easier to avoid fatigue and its accompanying pain as possible, which usually occur with prolonged stay in the same position.
  • Backrest seat can easily be brought into a horizontal position, which allows the patient to sleep.
  • The shape of the back and its leather cover warn of possible discomfort in the case of direct contact with the skin of the patient chair.
  • Quick and easy change in shape greatly facilitates the work of the chair of medical staff.
  • Compared with hospital beds, which can only be a passive condition of the patient in the supine position, a variety of positions and position chair Comfort provides the greatest opportunity for active pastime: reading, watching television, the possibility of anything to write, to talk, and so that.. a positive effect on the results of the therapy.

Comfort  takes place at 25-30% less than the hospital bed. Possible mobility chair greatly simplifies the work of staff in the event of the need to move the patient to another type of treatment. Valuable is the quality and the need for cleaning the premises.


In addition to the functional benefits, Comfort is a modern form and attractive finish. All internal mechanical components are securely closed with safety covers.

Possible changes
  • Back: 95 degrees
  • Sitting: 25 degrees
  • Footrest: 75 degrees
  • The width of the footrest: 200 mm
  • Automatic installation- “convenient location”
Technical data
  • Size: 2000 x 900 x 660 mm (horizontal)
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V +/- 10%; 50 Hz
  • Comfort meets European standard IEC 601

Comfort assumes all possible forms of adjustment and change that facilitate the carrying out of the procedure and make it more convenient for the patients and for the medical staff:

  • recliner
  • the presence of a footrest
  • seat adjustment
  • “Convenient location”
  • tuning section for feet
  • the possibility of movement on wheels
Easy to work

The patient can easily handle different parts of the seat adjustment by pressing the corresponding buttons on the armrest. Action adjustment continues until the button is pressed or until the appropriate item is not reached the end position. The control panel also contains a button “Call the nurse.” By connecting headphones to the central control panel the patient gets the opportunity to listen to various radio programs.