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The Day Of The Doctor 2018

Every year, every third Sunday in June, Kazakhstan celebrates the day of the medical worker. Its celebration is established by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1998.

Perhaps there is no profession in the world, the importance of which in a person’s life plays a greater role than the profession of a doctor, a nurse, as well as all medical personnel. It is medical workers who help to identify the symptoms and during the examination of the disease, to determine its nature, to build a scheme and methods of treatment, as well as to carry out this treatment.
Drudgery give way to a colorful weekend. Following the traditions of our team, we decided to celebrate Medic’s Day in a picturesque place called Zerenda. Lake, forest, hills and mountains, and most importantly a friendly team-the basis of a good holiday. In this photo report we want to show you how cohesive and United our working people.