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Diapact CRRT

Machine for continuous and intermittend dialysis therapies as well as plasma-therapies

Main Advantages
  • The Diapact gives full freedom in terms of therapy, flexibility and efficiency:
  • Real Renal Dose is easily achieved due to fewer bag changes
  • High Renal Dose is achieved due to less interruptions during treatment
  • High clearances can be achieved due to high flow rate options
  • Full freedom to navigate through all CRRT modes
  • New HomeoSAFE trainings to achieve better use

Since our top priority has always been to secure the Fluid Balance Management of your acute patient during extracorporeal therapies, the Diapact System has been developed with a unique software approach (HomeoSAFE) in order to secure the fluid exchanges, whatever the flow rate.

Medical experts in the field have clearly stated that Fluid Balance is one of the key aspects during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT):

  • The lack of success in modifying outcomes with intensive dialysis might be related to the absence of considering Fluid Balance as a component of dialysis dose.
  • The possibility of making fluid balance errors during CRRT has been identified since the beginning of this modality of treatment.