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Outpatient dialysis center opened in Stepnogorsk city

Modern B.B.NURA dialysis center was opened in the city of Stepnogorsk, Akmola region.

Previously, patients with chronic kidney disease had to travel to the city of Astana for vital procedures, which had to spend a lot of time and money. At this time, treatment is carried out on the latest equipment of B.Braun Avitum, Germany.

A modern medical information system (MIS) is installed in the center, which allows including remotely highly qualified nephrologists to monitor the provision of a high-quality hemodialysis procedure. The laboratory data of each patient is integrated directly into the laboratory with the MIS, which allows the doctor to select the most accurate parameters of the hemodialysis procedure individually for each patient. During the hemodialysis procedure, the patient receives, in addition to full drug therapy, hot meals. There is a delivery of all patients to the procedures and back to home.

The medical staff is trained to conduct procedures for acute kidney damage (AKI, acute renal failure). Patients in Stepnogorsk and the surrounding areas who need emergency renal replacement therapy have the opportunity to receive sessions in this center.

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