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Mobile application for patients of “B. B. NURA”

Dear patients!

Thanks to the productive work of the company’s employees and partners, a new program “mobile application for patients of B. B. NURA LLP “was launched.

The functionality of this application includes:

  • View survey data for the current month, such as hemoglobin, phosphorus, parathyroid hormone, creatinine before/after, calcium, etc. You can also recall and track all the dynamics of analyses over the past months.
  • Self-monitoring diary (fluid control, BLOOD pressure, Pulse, well-being) with an accessible and intuitive interface, where all fixed indicators are presented in the form of graphs.
  • View the schedule for receiving hemodialysis procedures for this month, if necessary, inform your doctor about the change in the schedule for receiving the procedure.
  • The entire contact database of B. B. NURA LLP centers in all regions of Kazakhstan.
  • Useful information and news for patients!


  • This app only works for patients and the transfer of information to third parties is excluded.
  • Available only for patients of the company “B. B. NURA”.
  • You can download the mobile app to your smartphone right now by following the link   BBNURA – Apps on Google Play

Enjoy your use, sincerely, the network of dialysis clinics “B. B. NURA” LLP.

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