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  • Center of efferent therapy and hemodialysis in Astana

    Center of efferent therapy and hemodialysis LLP «BB NURA» in Astana was founded in April 2015. This center is one of the only centers in Kazakhstan for  hospital care in hemodialysis patients. Hemodialysis service as a separate branch on the basis of SCE on PVC “City hospital №1» has been operating since 1988. Hemodialysis center is working around the clock to provide emergency care to patients requiring renal replacement therapy. Initially, the company’s strategy of LLP «BB NURA» was to give patients the best possible service, including the quality of dialysis treatments, completeness and comprehensiveness of the approach in the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure. That is why LLP «BB NURA» as its strategic partner in the field of dialysis machines and consumables chose renowned world leader B.Braun Avitum. Focusing on quality and service have enabled the company in 2012 to receive the state order for the provision of dialysis services. At the time of opening of hemodialysis center in our center received sixty eight outpatient and inpatient beds for patients today receive sixty-nine patients with terminal chronic renal failure.

    The center has modern tracking equipment for continuous patient monitoring, equipment for the determination of electrolytes, acid-base status of the blood. The department installed artificial kidney machines, a new generation of German firm Braun «Dialog +», this equipment options allow hemodialysis sessions in a variety of modes. the center of an area of ​​910 square meters. Center  has  five dialysis rooms, one of the bottom – for patients with hepatitis B, C, and a room for patients with infectious diseases.

  • Medical specialists of B. B. NURA LLP “center of efferent therapy and program hemodialysis of Astana” Outpatient Department

    Yakupova Hadria

    Head of the center

    Nursultan Sesow

    Senior medical brother

    Akhmetova Balnur

    Regional operational manager

    Medical specialists of B. B. NURA LLP “center of efferent therapy and program hemodialysis of Astana” Inpatient Department

    Evgeny Ivanov

    Head of inpatient Department

    Savetkanova Gaukhar

    Operational manager

    Medical specialists of B. B. NURA LLP ” center of extracorporeal hemocorrection Astana”

    Smailov Erik

    Head of the center

    Umiraliyeva Aigerim

    Head nurse

    Akhmetova Elvira

    Operational manager


    Shalbaeva Gaukhar

    Nursing coordinator

    Medical specialists LLP B. B. NURA “of the dialysis Center of Astana”

    Andrew Schmidt

    Head of the center

    Makenova Kymbat

    Head nurse

    Operational manager

  • About city

    Astana – the northern capital city in Asia. Currently Astana’s area exceeds 722 square kilometers, population – about 853 thousand people.. The city consists of three main districts – “Almaty”, “Saryarka” and “Ishim”.

    Astana is located in the center of Kazakhstan in the area of ​​the desert, the subzone of dry fescue-feather grass steppes. Territory of the city is a low floodplain terraces. Yesil River is the main water artery of the capital. The climate is continental – cold and long winters, hot and moderately dry summers.

    Great location in the center of the Eurasian continent makes Astana economical transport, communication and logistics center, a kind of a transit bridge between Europe and Asia.

    In the development of the architectural concept was taken Nurzultan Nazarbayev’s idea, as the basis of formation the capital in a special Eurasian style, harmoniously combining the cultural traditions of the East and West. The author of the capital master plan is  well-known Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa.

    Today Astana has become the center of the Eurasian space, taking a variety of forums, congresses and other events of international significance.

  • Center of efferent therapy and hemodialysis in Astana

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