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Head s of LLP «B.B. NURA»

Abishev Nurlan

general director

Abishev Nurlan Kenesovich-was born on September 24, 1967 in Ushtobe, Taldykurgan region in the family of medical workers. Graduated from Almaty state medical Institute in 1992, medical faculty, specialty obstetrician-gynecologist. In 1993 Alma-ATA state medical Institute awarded qualification of obstetrician-gynecologist.

In 2003 he graduated from Almaty Institute of Economics and statistics, majoring in Accounting and audit.

In 2005 he graduated from the Kazakhstan Institute of Economics and law, majoring in Jurisprudence.

He began his career on August 12, 1992 to December 12, 1995 as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the District hospital of the Karatal district of Ushtobe.

From 01 February 1992 to 02 January 1997 he worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist at Uzlovаya hospital of Ushtobe station.

From 03 January 1997 to 20 may 1997 he worked as a surgeon at the polyclinic Department of Karatal district hospital.

From 20 may 1997 to 15 may 1998 he worked as head of the tuberculosis Department of Karatal district hospital. He was elected to the district maslikhat of Karatal district.

Koptsev Mikhail

executive director

Mikhail Koptsev has a substantial managing experience in developing distribution business in the health care field and is one of the founders of B.B.NURA.

Mr. Koptsev, as an executive director, extended the B.B.NURA’s hospital group and build partnership relations with healthcare organizations in Kazakhstan, the key providers of medicine and medical consumables.

Kokoschka Alexei

deputy General Director for medical work

Qualifications and skills:

A physician anesthesiologist – resuscitator, in 2005, awarded the highest qualification category.

Health Manager-certificate of specialist since 2012

Doctor nephrologist-certificate of specialist 2017

Instructor, American heart Association (AHA) basic (BLS) and advanced (ACLS) intensive care activities 2017


PhD in anesthesiology and intensive care 14.00.37 (14.07.2008).

Professor Of The Russian Academy Of Natural Sciences (26.02.2013).

More than 80 articles in scientific journals.

1 tutorial.

13 clinical protocols.

2 professional standards (Nephrology 2013, anesthesiology – resuscitation 2017).

Kanafin Sholpan

medical director

Kanafin Sholpan Miramon, working in the company from 01 November 2013. After finishing residency, she was invited to the center of Extracorporal hemocorrection “BBNURA” for the position of physician nephrologist. Given the existence of professional experience and personal qualities, translated to the post of senior resident in following, starting from 2017, head of the Center of extracorporeal therapy and hemodialysis software LLP “BBNURA” on the basis of city hospital №1.

During the work she has been trained at training courses, has repeatedly participated in international conferences: I, II, III Kazakh-Turkish Nephrology Congress, Congress Of the Association of transplantologists of Turkic countries, the analysis of experience, formed and submitted to the press articles, enrolled in a PhD-doctoral program in the specialty “Medicine” (Nephrology, including children) JSC ” Medical University Astana»

Toksabina Gulnara

Head nurse

Toksabina Gulnara has higher education, Metropolitan branch medical center Emily Institute of nursing, 2008, to the first category. Specialization: “Infectious diseases ward” on the basis of Chashma Astana, “massage therapy” on the basis of the Capital branch medical center, Emily Institute of nursing.
She has extensive experience as a dialysis room nurse from January 2005 to October 2009, GKKP “City hospital № 1″, from October 2009 and currently working as a senior nurse of the Department of efferent therapy of JSC” RSC NMP ” Astana.

Beyssekova Dana

chief operating officer

Beyssekova Dana has a degree in “Accounting” and the certificate of the international professional auditor. Equipment dialysis centers drugs and medical products is her main functional task.

The use of modern IT-technology allows her to keep control of the timely delivery and the use of consumables.